As Aquaman's run in theatres continues to go swimmingly, especially across the ocean in China, Henry Cavill has decided to try his hand at the part. He posted a photo on Instagram from Hungary, where he looks to be in a pool (or at least a body of water), wearing no shirt and a holding his version of a trident: a fork. He addresses the post to the real Aquaman"Channeling the man of the hour, the man of big hugs, big laughs and big pints of Guinness, my man Jason Momoa. How'd I do?" He doubles down on his praise for the movie and makes sure it's taken as sincere: "seriously though, I just finally got the chance to watch Aquaman here in Hungary. Jason, James and everyone involved in that movie, smashes it out of the (water)park. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out."

The post comes after Aquaman surpassed Wonder-Woman as DC's second-highest grossing movie of the modern era. The only one now ahead of Aquaman is Batman Vs. Superman, in which Cavill starred. With Aquaman creeping ever closer to the first-place mark, maybe we can consider this post Cavill's audition for the part.