The Witcher video game series rose to prominence in the last decade after developer CD Projekt Red brought the novels of the same name to life. The games are centered around Geralt, a monster slayer, and his adventures. Netflix announced earlier this year that they are bringing the novels to life for a new series. Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill recently revealed that he would be interested in playing Geralt in the show. 

According to IGNCavill is a big gamer. While on a press run for Mission Impossible: Fallout, the actor was asked which game he is playing at the moment. "The Witcher 3. I just replayed all the way through," Cavill answered. "Love that game. Really good game." When asked if he would like to play the role of Geralt, Cavill responded positively, and even cited the original books as his inspiration. "Absolutely. Yeah, that would be an amazing role. The books are amazing," Cavill stated. "The books are really, really good... The books I started reading, and they are well worth a read." There has been no information released about the cast of the upcoming Netflix adaptation, but a script for the pilot episode has been completed.