One of the more anticipated films to release next year is the reboot of Hellboy. We should be in for a year of spectacular blockbusters as the trailer recently debuted for Avengers: Endgame, causing the world to stop for a short moment. Of course, anything pertaining to the Avengers series is bound to pick up a lot of traction but Hellboy is creeping in to also be part of the conversation. We've been waiting to witness the first trailer for the upcoming film and finally, it's arrived.

David Harbour of Stranger Things will be starring in the remake, which is currently scheduled to premiere on April 12, 2019. From the looks of the trailer, Harbour will be bringing comedic light to the main character as Hellboy is going through an existential crisis. All he wants to do is smash things and thankfully for us, there will be a lot of that come April. Hellboy will be putting his "strong right hand" to use plenty of times in the film, previewing some of the key scenes in the teaser.

While it won't be an easy task to follow Guillermo Del Toro, the trailer looks promising for fans of the franchise. Are you looking forward to the upcoming movie?