There's a whole lot of women (and men) who would give an arm and a leg just to breathe the same air as Drake. However, Heidi Klum clearly isn't one of them. Last year, the supermodel revealed that she went ghost on Drake after he asked her out on a date., explaining how she had met her now-fiancé, Tom Kaulitz. While she attempted to apologize for ditching him, he clearly wasn't amused and hit her back with a single emoji.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Speaking with Ellen, Heidi Klum revisited the moment when she stirred things up by revealing that she went ghost on Drake. She revealed that Drake never reached back out to her after the incident, but she did try to apologize.

“I said I’m sorry, because I know I made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face,” Klum told Ellen while mimicking the emoji Drake replied with. 

“That’s all he responded? Oh, he’s mad.” Ellen joked.

Klum revealed that Drake was “basically a week too late” from nabbing a date with her during her appearance on The Ellen Show back in  September. Clearly, everything ended up working out for Klum and Kaulitz. Klum announced her engagement to Kaulitz on Christmas Eve. The model shared a photo on her Instagram flexing her engagement ring, writing "I SAID YES."