Sav Sire "1988 Maserati" Video (Heatseekers)

Trevor Smith
November 21, 2015 12:46

Sav Sire's "1988 Maserati" is this week's Heatseekers Video Edition winner.

Sav Sire's new video is a selection from his recently released "Sav On Liquor". The Harlem rapper, who just celebrated his 22nd birthday, directed the clip alongside Jay Cloud of Propmyganda, who also shot and edited the visual. Sire says of the process for the minimal, digital-art-inspired video: "[I] really wanted to create what I saw when I closed my eyes and listened to this beat, both lyrically and visually."

Follow him on Twitter: @SavSire

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Sav Sire "1988 Maserati" Video (Heatseekers)