Before Prodigy and Alchemist deliver their upcoming album, Albert Einstein, on June 11th, they bless us with a quick preview of their album with a 30-second snippet release. 

The upcoming joint album will host 16 tracks and feature guest appearances from Havoc, Raekwon, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, and more. They recently released their newest track, "Dough Pildin", from the project a couple weeks ago.

Take a listen to the 30-second snippets below. (Added official tracklist for the album as well). 

Who's looking forward to this project?

1. Imdkv
2. Give Em Hell
3. Scientology
4. Stay Dope
5. Curb Ya Dog
6. Death Sentence
7. Bear Meat
8. Y&T (Feat. Domo Genesis)
9. R.I.P. (Feat. Reakwon)
10. Dough Pildin
11. Confessions
12. Rakim
13. Mightier Pen
14. Breeze
15. Forever
16. Say My Name