The director of a Seattle homeless agency thought it would be a bright idea to invite a stripper by the name of Beyoncé Black St. James to dance topless and perform strip teases to government employees and nonprofit workers at an annual conference. According to The Seattle Times, Kira Zylstra is the woman behind the idea and she's resigned after she was sent on a paid leave of absence following last week's questionable events.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images  

A video of the performance was shared online and was initially sent to Christopher Rufo, a researcher at non-profit think tank Discovery Institute, out of "frustration." 

"I got a contact from an anonymous tipster who provided video from inside the conference," Christopher said. "And it's almost incredible to believe that this is funded by taxpayer dollars right here in King County."


"I’m not personally offended by it, it just seemed so wrong and out of place for what we were there for," Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett told the publication. "I just knew it was going to hit social media and when it hit social media, this is kind of like what every opponent of the collective work would wish for."