Though HBO has spawned no shortage of incredible television shows, never have they housed a cultural phenomenon on the scale of Game Of Thrones. The network's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire went on to take home 59 Emmy Awards, forever immortalizing itself as one of television's GOAT contenders -- though a controversial final season certainly tarnished its legacy for some. 

Despite a few rough patches, HBO clearly still holds Thrones in high regard, to the point where they're essentially going all-out on the world of Westeros. With the upcoming spin-off series House Of The Dragon already slated for 2022, a new report from IGN indicates that three additional spin-off series are currently in development. 

Game Of Thrones

Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images

The first apparently holds the working title of 10,000 Ships, and is set to follow the adventures of Princess Nymeria, the founder of Dorne, one thousand years prior to Game Of Thrones. The report also tells of another series set in the slums of Flea Bottom, a slum in King's Landing populated by the impoverished and criminally inclined. Lastly, the third spin-off actually has a developer attached -- Rome creator Bruno Heller -- and will follow Lord Corlys "the Sea Snake" Velaryon, a man said to be the "greatest seafarer" in the world of Westeros and beyond. 

It should be noted that this in no way indicates that all three spin-offs will make it off the ground. Lest we forget, HBO actually shot a pilot episode of a Naomi Watts-led prequel series only for the network to pull the plug entirely. Still, the fact that so many different spin-offs are currently being developed bodes well for Thrones fans, as it appears that HBO is determined to line up a near-endless supply of Westeros-set content. Are you excited for a return to George R.R. Martin's vast and complex world?