Never to shy away from any drama, Hazel-E hopped on Instagram and earlier today and started a new beef with City Girls. The former Love & Hip Hop star isn't afraid to call out her fellow rappers no matter how big they might be. The emcee went on Instagram Live and shared that City Girls'  2018 hit song "Act Up"—yes, the one Lil Yachty says he wrote most of—sounded a lot like one of her tracks titled "Actin' Up" that she dropped in 2017.

Hazel-E was on Live with another person who was playing the tracks back to back and the two talked about how similar they were. Of course, someone screen recorded the session and it ended up in the hands of The Shade Room. After the publication shared the clip, followers gave their opinions about the brewing controversy, including one person who wrote: "Hit is a hit." Yung Miami felt the need to respond because she wanted to make it clear that things aren't as they seem.

"We never heard a song by the ugly ass b*tch!!!!!" she wrote. "That surgery going to that hoe head!!!" Hazel-E uploaded a screenshot of her albums and songs on her Instagram page, captioning the photo by writing, "People be mad asf at the truth 🤷🏽‍♀️ @girlcodeinc it’s been my lifestyle. Periodt in my @citygirls voice."

Take a listen to both tracks for yourself and let us know if you hear any similarities.