Havoc and Prodigy have put their public beef behind them, although the public hasn't exactly forgotten just yet, and it's still a topic often broached during interviews with the Mobb Deep members. Hav sent out a tweet calling Prodigy gay, which then started a beef and temporary split between the group members. Now, everything has been settled between the Mobb Deep rappers, although Hav reveals in a new interview that it took about a year for them to settle their differences. 

Havoc spoke to Rude Jude on Shade 45, and dicussed the producer/rapper's new solo effort,13, as well as the Mobb Deep beef and where they now stand. Hav reveals that the new Mobb Deep album is already half done.

The New York native first spoke on the infamous tweets he sent out, "It was something that I do regret, but shit happens." When asked if the accusations that P was gay are true, Havoc said, "Nah, not at all, I just was wildin. I ain't give a fuck really, I was just wildin at the time." He added that it took "probably like a year" for the two to be on good terms again.

Although the beef could have hurt either rapper's careers, Havoc said during the interview that the new Mobb Deep music will overshadow all of that. "I think that the music will really overshadow that at the end of the day." He continued, "Me and P be in the studio for the past month. We damn near got half the next Mobb Deep album knocked out. We 'bout to go on tour in a few days. Europe in June." 

Havoc, who has produced the majority of Mobb Deep's material in the past, says he will remain on the boards for their upcoming album as well, but there may be glimmers of another producer's influence-- Boi-1da. "On this new Mobb Deep album it's gunna be all me. I've been fucking with Boi-1da a little bit too, you know, he got some hot shit. And kinda meshing both our sounds together, so that should be interesting," Havoc revealed.

The rapper spent the remainder of his interview discussing his solo album, and the features and production. One track which stood out in particular, was the Lloyd Banks-featured "Life We Chose" (which Prodigy hopped on to remix as a Mobb Deep track). Havoc spoke on the cut, revealing a video has been shot for the song. "The Lloyd Banks joint is another joint produced by myself. It's like some New York-nigga-let-your-nuts-hang type shit. We just did it." He added, "We got a video for that."

Check out Havoc's twenty-seven minute interview here.