The saga between Havoc and Prodigy continues to unfold. Hav confirmed dissing his Mobb Deep group member in a recent interview, and in the second part of his interview with AllHipHop.Com, Havoc remains decidedly vague about certain accusations against P.

Havoc was asked about a recent claim from his cousin Ferg Brim, that he caught Prodigy writing love letters to men in jail, he would neither confirm or deny it. "I’m just going to put it like this, I’m not going to confirm it or deny it," he said.

Havoc also addressed his record "Same Shit, Different Day," which has potential shots at Prodigy: "Niggas out here dry snitchin' writin' books/lieing out they ass just to sell a book," Havoc spits. "I like to write, and a lot of times when I say things, it can cater to anybody." He continued,"I’m always on some shit where I’m like, if the shoe fits, then wear it."

Watch the interview below.