Zak Bagans invited Post Malone to his haunted museum a while back. The rap star was completely freaked out by a particular item, a box that is said to be one of the most powerful items in the museum. Posty is believed to have been cursed by the box after coming in indirect contact with the artifact during his visit. The infamous box is now set to unleash its powers tonight.

The Ghost Adventures star plans to open the haunted object for Halloween as part of a special performance. The implications of this event have been foreshadowed by strange happenings leading up to the live show, including Bagans' dreams of both humans and animal being killed and his being called repeatedly by an unknown number. A voice on the line informed him that people are headed towards untimely deaths. Bagans himself has been carrying an illness for the past few weeks.

The box's powers are to be feared considering what happened to Post Malone. Shortly after his museum visit, the star had gotten into multiple life-threatening accidents. Bagans attributes these events to the force that inhabits the haunted object. Malone hadn't even touched it. He simply laid his hand on his host's shoulder as he was touching the object. Some people are said to have fainted immediately after being in the same room as the item.