At the top of the month, Harvey Weinstein found himself facing three more sexual assault charges from 2006 that could have landed him life in prison. According to ABC News, the former movie mogul has now been released on bail after pleading not guilty. "We fight these battles one day at a time, and today we won this round," defense attorney Ben Brafman said outside court, adding how he expects more charges to come. 

Famed attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the third victim, said her client will testify if this case gets pushed to trial but she doubts Harvey's lawyer would allow since Harvey would get crossed examined by prosecutors. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said the 66-year-old is charged with "some of the most serious sexual offenses" that exist under state law.

As we know, more than 75 women have accused Harvey of sexual assault and rape that really sparked the #MeToo movement into the huge movement that it is today. Rose McGowan, actress Annabella Sciorra and Natassia Malthe are just a few of the woman to share their story publicly.