It looks as though time's up for Harvey Weinstein. After the movement took Hollywood by storm last year in response to major allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, the 66-year-old will reportedly be turning himself in tomorrow. TMZ is reporting that plans are currently being made for Weinstein to surrender on Friday and, once he has done so, he will be charged with a sex crime. 

The news comes following allegations from an astounding number of women against the producer, stating that he acted inappropriately or sexually assaulted them at some point over the years. While all of the cases are being separately evaluated, Weinstein will reportedly be charged in the case concerning Lucia Evans. The film giant allegedly forced Evans to perform oral sex on him in 2004 and while the District Attorney is currently reviewing all of the evidence, this is the first of Weinstein's cases to get this far. 

Lucia Evans is one of the dozens of women who are claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, with some of the allegations dating as far back as decades ago. The extent of the charge is not yet known as the story is still developing. Further details are available here.