Earlier this year, those who have claimed to be victims of Harvey Weinstein celebrated a victory in court after the disgraced Hollywood executive was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The 68-year-old former film producer has rubbed elbows with Hollywood's elite for decades, but in recent years, he found himself exposed by the #MeToo movement. His recent conviction isn't the last that we've heard of Harvey Weinstein's accusers as four more women have come forward with a sexual assault lawsuit.

Alexander Koerner / Stringer / Getty Images

According to Vulture, one of the women claims that she was "approximately seventeen years old" when she had her encounter with Weinstein. All of the women have chosen to remain anonymous and have been noted as "Jane Doe" one through four. "Jane Doe II, 43, has alleged that 'in or about 1994 when Plaintiff was approximately seventeen years old, Harvey Weinstein falsely imprisoned, sexually assaulted, sexually battered and raped her.'"

One of the other accusers, Jane Doe II, shared that she was inquiring about getting involved in the entertainment business when a friend suggested that she meet Harvey Weinstein. Days later, she was picked up and taken to Weinstein's hotel where she found the executive close to naked. "Because she was on her own in a hotel several miles from her home, with no way of getting home without Weinstein’s associate taking her there, she decided to keep her cool and try to get through the ‘meeting’ as quickly as possible," the lawsuit says. "The two then had a brief conversation wherein Weinstein feigned interest in Plaintiff’s desire to work in the entertainment industry, and shortly thereafter, the much larger and stronger Weinstein insisted that in order for him to get Plaintiff a job, she had to sexually gratify him... [Weinstein] cornered Plaintiff and forced her to remove her clothes and he climbed on top of her and demanded she perform oral sex on him. Once stimulated, Weinstein proceeded to rape Plaintiff until he ejaculated."

The lawsuit details all of the women's encounters, and also states that Weinstein's brother, Robert Weinstein, knew about the incidents but failed to "stop the alleged abuse." Robert's lawyer issued a statement saying that this is just another way for Robert Weinstein to be held accountable for his brother's actions.