Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been busy in court, having been recently battling a slew of civil sexual assault suits. Now, reports from the Wall Street Journal and various publications have indicated that a settlement may very well have been reached, barring any unforeseen developments. Apparently, attorney Adam Harris, who represents Weinstein Co's Bob Weinstein, has confirmed the existence of "an economic agreement in principle." NPR sources have corroborated reports that the deal is worth an estimated $44 million. 

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal reporter Corinne Ramey clarifies that the money isn't coming out of Weinstein's own pocket, but will instead be doled out through insurance policies. The deal is set up so that the funds would be allocated to both victims,  studio board members, and former employees of the Weinstein Company; $30 million is meant to be divided among the plaintiffs and the remaining $14 million covering the legal fees for any Weinstein Co. member caught up in the civil suits. The deal has yet to be officially approved. 

While the civil suits against Weinstein appear to have seen some progress, his criminal charges are still scheduled to move forward. Weinstein is looking at charges of rape among other crimes. Look for more on this story as it develops.