Why is it that every day, there is a new "Permit Patty" story? Whether a man is calling the police on a black family going swimming or a woman dials 911 because of a girl selling water outside her home, these stories are seriously getting out of hand. The latest viral video comes in the form of a woman harassing a woman and her child, who sources are saying is biracial, for, well, being outside. 

Alyson Laliberte was playing with her three-year-old daughter outside when Theresa Lund, the director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, approached them to ask what they were doing. Knowing that things were probably about to go awry, Laliberte began filming as the woman asked her if she lived in the "affordable units." Noting that she joined the woman because she was "preventing her children from sleeping" and continually asking Laliberte if she lived in the affordable housing, Lund's unreasonable reaction has since gone viral, garnering over 700K views on Facebook. 

Lund has since apologized for her behavior, writing on her own Facebook page that what she said was "inappropriate and wrong." Realizing the error in her ways, she added, "I should not have addressed her daughter and there was no reason for me to ask what type of unit she lives in." It's great that she's owning up to her mistake but why make a fuss in the first place? This is a worrying trend that needs to stop.