We've always suspected a lowkey rivalry between the "Harry Potter" films and "The Lord Of The Rings," and it's been Internet lore for over a decade that the two series' stars, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) and Elijah Wood (Frodo), look awfully similar to one another. 


As reported by Complex, yesterday Elijah Wood stopped by "Conan" and discussed an untold story of when the relationship between Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter, two characters of different fictional universes, almost fought each other in real life. Here's an excerpt of what Wood said:

"I go to this film festival every year called Fantastic Fest...They do this thing called the Fantastic Debates, which is effectively two people in a boxing ring, as it turns out, debating a topic. Each person debates the topic, then they have a rebuttal, then they actually box. A proper debate, and then it's fisticuffs. [Eventually ]I was like, I don't want to fight this guy...I don't want the culmination of the fact that we look alike or somehow get mistaken for each other to end up in a boxing ring."

For nerds, this is extreme breaking news, and Conan spends a good chunk of the remainder of the interview imagining what a Pay-Per-View Harry Potter vs. Frodo boxing match would look like. No comment as of yet from Radcliffe.

Watch the full interview with Elijah Wood below.