It is remarkable that today is T-Pain's 32nd birthday, for his career has already been an epic tale of superstardom, exile, and redemption.

Every young hero needs a mentor. For Pain, that mentor was Akon, who fucked with the vision and signed him to Konvict Muzik in 2004. His melodies were the opposite of angular: smooth and sweet as caramel and occasionally polished with a sleek Auto-Tune veneer that only enhanced his emotive powers.

By 2007, T-Pain had evolved into a one-man industry tour de force. He had become Auto-Tune Jesus. In that calendar year, he scored three personal top 10 records, including a #1 with "Buy U A Drank." In addition, he scored ten top 25 records as a guest artist, including five in the top 10 and 2 #1s. 

Then, T-Pain's glossy vocals fell out of style, and for years he was an industry outcast, a cancer, a man to whom Future's brother once said, “My brother would never fucking work with you. Fuck you and everything you stand for.”

Fortunately, views  like the one held by Future's dumbshit brother have mostly subsided, and T-Pain has more or less returned as a respected public figure, if not international superstar. Today, we celebrate his birthday by diving deep into the annals of his solo releases to source 10 lesser-known gems. Scroll on to witness the true genius of the legend they call Teddy Penderazdoun.