Rapping is a young man's game, which makes E-40's accomplishments all the more significant. Today is his 50th birthday; he is an ageless wonder, the rap game Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has been schooling youngbloods for the better part of three decades. Indeed, it is not a stretch to say that your favorite rapper was probably conceived to the dulcet tones of E-40's deep-bellied locution. ("Oooo!")

Despite E-40's vast body of work, his most important contributions to American culture have arguably been his wondrous slang inventions. It takes but a quick look at his aliases — Forty Fonzarelli, Fonzariggerdale, Charlie Hustle, E-Feezy, E-Feezable Belefonte Balogiono Bellwether — to realize that the man is a linguistic Willy Wonka: experimental, daring, crazy like a fox. E-40 is nothing short of a god of slanguistics, with his effortless steez required to invent, and the clout to popularize, his weird words.

"Some people out there think I'm overrated, because they don't understand me. Because my game is over their head like a shower nozzle," he told Power 106. "Every rapper, guaranteed, has said something that I have coined... I done have my ups and downs in this industry, but I will never gripe, I hold on like a hub cap in the fast lane."

Though E-40 never released his "E-40's Dictionary Book of Slang," his wordplay lives on in part through in his esteemed line of alcoholic beverages: Mangoscato, a fortified wine and redux of Moscato that a wine critic described to Complex as "syrupy sweet, not unlike canned peaches, and has a burning alcohol sensation on the finish resembling NyQuil," and Sluricane, a 18% typhoon of flavor (“Hurricane, but you can call me sluricane. Sluricane, strong enough to start an engine, mane") guaranteed to induce a hangover, in the best way.

Celebrate E-40's 50th birthday with our brief overview of E-40's rubberized view on language. Below is a non-comprehensive list of words he has coined and/or popularized.