2017 was a scandal-filled year and, much to the dismay of many out there on social media, 2018 isn't off too a much better start. In particular, you have the recent H&M hoodie incident, where a black child was photographed wearing a piece of clothing that had the phrase, "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle," printed across the front.

Multiple music personalities, including The Weeknd and G-Eazy, have cancelled existing deals with the company after voicing their displeasure over this egregious error. Now, the boy's mother is taking a completely different stance and, in short, telling the H&M hater of the world to get over themselves. Terry Mango, the woman in question, took to Facebook and expressed that she can't understand what people are getting so upset about.

As you can surely tell by some of the comment responses in those screengrabs, Mango's opinion was an unpopular one. Perhaps she's trying to show some allegiance to the company that gave her child a shot at earning some modelling money but, after Diddy hinted that he'd be taking the boy's career to new heights, other social media users had little sympathy for his mother.

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