Mac Miller's passing affected members of the hip-hop community in different ways. Some were forced to reconsider their own decisions while others focused on sending their love to Mac's family and friends. Regardless of how you're coping with his death, it's insanely hard to say goodbye to yet another incredible artist this year. His suspected overdose may have been somewhat of a wake-up call to others who have had substance abuse issues in the past. Earlier this year, G-Eazy was arrested overseas for cocaine and while the extent of his drug use is unclear, Halsey is vowing to keep him safe after her touching tribute to Mac.

TMZ caught up with the singer at the airport and while the photographer's question may have been extremely long-winded, he was met with a message of support from Halsey. After speaking out on Mac's passing, the artist said that it can be difficult for anybody to confide in their friends about problems similar to those Mac may have been experiencing. She preached the importance of keeping good people around yourself, claiming that she's a positive influence on her boyfriend, G-Eazy. She told the paparazzi, "I'm definitely his person," when asked about Gerald's past struggles with substance abuse.

The two have recently been rekindling their romance, posting a few pics of themselves boo'd up on social media. Hopefully, they can commit to keeping each other in check.