Halsey recently opened up to Glamour about how she navigated her public breakup with G-Eazy. She contemplated how to address the situation. The singer even considered engaging with social media users via live stream but eventually opted to share her insights through her songwriting.

The biggest lesson I learned was to make art, not headlines,” she said. “Because it can become quite easy, in the social media generation, to go from being a musician to becoming a personality.

"Without Me" hit the airwaves as a result. Her lyrics exposed the risk of losing sight of one's self for the sake of a loved one.“I call myself a collector; I collect things from people and use them to widen my artistic repertoire so that I am writing from a culmination of experiences from the world,” she continues “But I’m an imitator as well because I’m so passionately putting myself in other people’s shoes all the time.”

“I beat myself up for a long time. I was like, You’re fucking spineless. Why do you have to become everyone you’re around? Why do you have to imitate all of their interests, all of their fucking mannerisms, and their personality? Why can’t you just know who the fuck you are and be strong in that? But I realized that will never happen," she said. "So instead I started surrounding myself with people I admire and really like.”

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