Halsey has been living her best life. She recently finished having her dream home re-decorated, was living it up in Seoul, debuted here luscious natural locks after a year of growing her hair out and now she's vacationing in Tulum, Mexico at Pablo Escobar's formerly owned beach estate.

The 23-year-old "Colors" singer has been sharing tons of updates on Instagram of her beach, sun and jungle adventures and she's looking fabulous, to say the least. 

We're not sure who Halsey is vacationing with but she previously stated how she used to be more of a “social queen,” but things changed.

“I could go anywhere, make anyone like me, go to any party, talk to anybody. I used to have no shame in walking up to someone on a plane or train and sitting down and chatting to them. I used to just talk. I used to be obsessed with people; now, I’m terrified of them.” It's safe to say Halsey now keeps her crew close and only picks the best to hit up the coast of Mexico with.