Halsey is cut from a different cloth. She's unlike her pop star contemporaries in the fact that she's a little bit more hardcore than them. You would never hear about Taylor Swift going rock climbing in the nude, after all. Halsey maintains an "IDGAF" mentality in life. If she feels like buzzing off her hair and dyeing it red, she'll do it. If she wants to consume questionable substances on a yacht with G-Eazy, she'll do it. She continually keeps her supporters on their toes and that's what they love about her. This week, she made the risky choice to go rock climbing without any clothes on. The decision is head-scratching, to say the least, and after you see the injuries she sustained, you'll never want to mimic her efforts.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The singer did not show how she injured her back and finger but she did let fans in on the aftermath, showing a photo of her entire back covered in welts and red marks. Her middle finger is wrapped up as well. Judging from the injuries she's proudly showing off, we would assume that she fell flat on her back, slipping as she tried to climb a little higher. She doesn't seem bothered about the mishap though. In fact, she's still encouraging her audience to give it a try. "Don’t go rock climbing naked. Or do. Do you," she wrote.

Hopefully, she learns from this and stays safe next time.