These next few days are very exciting for all of the gamers out there as E3 is going down. This is the expo in which all of the new video games are shown off for each console. Even the game studios themselves have their own conferences and it makes for a phenomenal show that brings people together. Today was a very special day as it was Microsoft's big conference. The XBox Series X has been a massive success and fans had been waiting for some new games to be announced.

Most XBox players were waiting for an update on "Halo: Infinite" which is the game that will add a new chapter to Master Chief's story. While a bit of the campaign was shown off last year, fans had yet to see anything about the multiplayer. Well, that all changed today as 343 Industries gave fans a 2:25 clip that previews everything they can expect from the multiplayer.

The action here is pretty fast-paced and the maps look nice and condensed which ultimately leads to much better action. While it might not be the old-school Halo some fans were hoping for, this still looks pretty amazing. Not to mention, it will be free to play at launch, which gives fans more incentive to check it out.

A release date has not been given for the game although you can expect it to drop during the Holiday season.

Halo: Infinite

Christian Petersen/Getty Images