Halle Berry will be wearing several hats as she is set to direct, produce and star in an upcoming mixed martial arts action-drama, titled Bruised. The film is an endeavor that Berry will be taking alongside Erica Lee who will serve as the film's executive producer. Basil Iwanyk will also be a producer. He is currently producing the former Bond Girl's current project John Wick and is the founder of Thunder Road Pictures, Entertainment 360, and Linda Gottlieb.

The film's script was written by Michelle Rosenfarb-- a story about an MMA fighter gearing up to go head-to-head with an emerging talent in the MMA world, after experiencing a public fall from grace. The character will also juggle motherhood and attempt to be the best mother that she can to a 6 year-old son. Berry will once again re-unite with her John Wick collaborators as the same team who orchestrated fight choreography will be present once filming for Bruised begins. 

This move is an exceptional step forward for the actress who first got her start in 1989 on the series Living Dolls and would later land her first movie role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. Berry has experienced immense success and became the first black woman to win the "Best Actress" Oscar for her work in Monster’s Ball, a popular film from 2001.