The gorgeous and talented Halle Berry was honored at the 2018 Matrix Awards this week. The awards highlighted women who are leaders and help innovative and inspire, which are both things that Berry has done during her long and successful career. While speaking about the long road that she took to reach success, Berry decided to emphasize her intuition. She spoke about how her gut feeling has led her to play both the most rewarding, and the most criticized, roles of her career. 

Via E! News, Berry first spoke about her Academy Award-winning role in Monster's Ball. She revealed that she was scared to take on the role, in which she plays a woman that begins a sexual relationship with a man that executed her husband. Berry says she overcame her fear because her intuition led her down a path to believe that the role was a good one to take. In that case, her intuition was correct. Soon after, Berry trusted her intuition again, and took the role of Catwoman. 

"Everybody around me said, 'Girl don't do it, it's gonna be the death of you, it's gonna end your career,'" Berry stated. "Well guess what I did? I followed my intuition and I did a movie called Catwoman...and it bombed! Miserably." She continued on to defend her decision. "But I assumed it. Because you know what? While it 'failed' to most people, it wasn't a failure for me. Because guess what? I met so many interesting people that I wouldn't have met otherwise, I got to learn two forms of martial arts and I got to learn what not to do, and learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do." Learning martial arts and meeting people are cool, but money was also a factor for Berry. "I got a shitload of money that change my life," she added. 

Berry concluded with a lesson for her audience. "I say that to say, Following your intuition doesn't always mean you're going to be successful or win the prize, but it means you're always going to learn the exact lesson or get the exact accolades or the exact check that you're supposed to get for yourself. Never compare that to anyone else."