Every once in a while, Halle Berry comes through to remind us all that she's still at the top of our lists. She may not be out here thirst-trapping on a regular basis but when she chooses to show off some skin, the 52-year-old makes an immediate impact. Last night, all the actress wanted to do was head to the kitchen to prepare herself a late-night snack. On her way there though, she figured that her look would make for peak Instagram engagement. Thus, the star came through with her latest trap, rocking a denim jacket with nothing underneath and leaving much to the imagination of her fans.

Randy Shropshire/WireImage/Getty Images

Halle Berry uploaded a new image of herself to social media, wearing a denim jacket and opting to go bare underneath. Pairing the look with some high-waisted black shorts, Halle was braless and instantly caught the attention of her followers. She captioned the photo by saying that she was out to find a suitable bedtime snack when people began to remind her that if ever she's in need of a snack, she can just go look in the mirror.

The actress recently went topless to show off her large tattoo, which runs down her entire spine. There appears to be no such thing as ageing when your name is Halle Berry, She continues to be one of the most attractive women in Hollywood and she doesn't plan on losing that title soon.