Halle Berry's really giving her all to her upcoming film Bruised. The 53-year-old actress recently had to take some time off from production after she was injured from doing her own stunts on set. The executive producer of the film, Brian Pitt, told the media that Halle was "tired" and needed a break but the actress responded with a statement of her own making it clear that she's "far from tired."

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"Just know I’m far from tired. I’m wide awake...and just getting started!" she said. By the looks of recent photos, Halle has now pulled in another injury that's in the form of a black eye. However, sources report that the bruise was just some makeup for her to get into character as she approached the set. 

Bruised follows the story of Jackie “Justice" a former MMA fighter who heads back to the ring in an attempt to get her life back on track and regain custody of her son. The movie also marks Halle's directorial debut.

“It’s just where I’m at right now and what my message is all about,” Halle previously stated of the movie. “Being of a certain age, it’s about dealing with ageism [and] racism — defying all the rules and telling people none of that matters, you can do exactly what you want to do. You can define who you are.”