In between starring in and directing her upcoming film Bruised, Halle Berry has somehow managed to find time to completely take over social media. One of the most beautiful women on the planet, it was always a given that the actress would rack up millions of followers whenever she activated her account on Instagram. With the current Top Nine challenge forcing users to reflect on their year on the platform, Halle Berry decided to show off her most-liked pictures, reminding us all of how great of a campaign she had.

Whether she was posting her own versions of thirst traps, stripping off her top and flexing her rock-hard abdominal region, or letting us in on the new ink that she got done on her spine, Halle Berry was the center of attention for the last twelve months. Her Instagram activity isn't the most in-your-face but she always turns heads in her direction, ensuring that everyone realizes that, for fifty-three-years-old, she's definitely still got it.

Hopefully, she continues this run into the new year. There is plenty of opportunity for Halle Berry to drop jaws in the new decade and, knowing her, she'll definitely get creative in how she approaches social media in 2020. Check out her Top Nine below and let us know which post was your favorite?