Connecting the dots, Halle Berry's followers have deciphered the code and realized that, through her t-shirt in a recent post, she revealed that she's dating neo-soul singer Van Hunt.

Several weeks ago, she shared a picture of herself playing footsies with a mystery man and, since then, people have been theorizing about who she's been spending her time with during quarantine. Putting the secret to the side, Halle Berry did us all a favor and divulged the news, but she did so in a pretty sly manner.

The actress' latest post on Instagram is a photo of herself wearing a Van Hunt t-shirt and, combining that with the emojis used, it's clear that she's allowing the mystery of his identity to fade away. 

"Now ya know," she wrote as her caption, adding a heart and a foot emoji, referring to the picture that got the world wondering.

If you're unfamiliar with him, Van Hunt is a 50-year-old singer from Atlanta. He released an album in 2017 and won a GRAMMY Award in 2006. 

They may not have any pictures together yet, aside from the one of their feet, but we're sure that time will come.

Do you think they're a good match for each other?