Being famous as an all-time stunning movie star is not the kind of fame that usually lasts, definitely not into your 50s. Halle Berry, at 52, seems out to prove this wrong. 

Although, she hasn't been in the limelight like she once was, she has emerged again on the internet today with similar results to her emerging from the water in 2002's Die Another Day: "beautiful view," says Pierce Brosnan.

The emergence comes after Berry posted a photo of herself in the desert, wearing her own hands as a shirt, and nothing else put a pair of flowing black pants and some beads. The photo was presumably taken when she was in the desert filming the latest instalment in the John Wick series and is caption with a fitness-guru platitude:

Berry's Instagram is full of such "inspirational" fitness posts, but in between them she peppers some more normal content, like a video of her time in the desert, running around and rolling in the dunes, set to "Thank U, Next:"

Or the occasional TBT: