This week, Gully TV, which has a storied history with Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant, published a new in-person interview with the former music executive in which he uncovered several topics of interest, including the infamous 1994 Quad Studio incident in which Tupac was shot five times.

This shooting would catalyze Pac’s decision to stay out of New York for nearly two years and drive up the ongoing tension between East Coast and West Coast rap at the time.

In the past, Haitian Jack, who was a close friend of Pac’s at the time, has always been implicated in the shooting and suspected of playing a role—a claim that he has vehemently denied time and time again.

In this new talk with Gully, the conversation is naturally up on the chopping block and Jack details just why he would never take part in such an act. Remembering past instances in which he witnessed friends killing each other; Jack affirms that Tupac was his friend and that he could never kill a friend.

“One thing I don’t do—I don’t rob my friends or kill my friends. We got a problem, we go our separate ways,” says Jack. “N-ggas feel like they gotta kill their friend to prove what? You know this n-gga’s mother, his sister, or his kids, and then you still kill him. You’s a piece of shit. There ain’t nothing two friends can’t work out. It just might take some time to be worked out, but it can be worked out.”

Catch the full video down below and speed up to the 22:30-minute marker for Jack's wods on the Quad Studios shooting.