Hackers are targeting small radio stations across the country and overtaking their airwaves with a political, expletive-ridden rap song, which you all will well know as YG and Nipsey Hussle's "Fuck Donald Trump."

Released last March, the song became the most recognizable protest song of the presidential election, and it was played and chanted at many anti-Trump demonstrations. Though it was unable to stop Trump's rise to the White House, don't expect "FDT" to go away over the next four years. 

A station in Salem, SC reported that "FDT" took over its broadcast on Monday night and played repeatedly for about 20 minutes, before Jeff Bright, who runs Sunny 107.9 WFBS, had to temporarily shut down the whole station. 

"You folks are as mad as we are," the station wrote in a Facebook post. "Rest assured that we have taken every possible security measures to keep this from happening again." 

Crescent Hill Radio, a nonprofit station in Louisville, KY, experienced a similar breach on Jan. 20, as "FDT" was played on loop for 15 minutes. Station manager Kathy Weisbach thinks that the hackers targeted the Barix Exstreamer device that is commonly used by smaller radio stations.

"Other stations that it happened to have contacted me, and we all used the same device, and none of us had set a password to the device," Weisbach told Heat Street. "My bad, as I had done other security measures at the tower and the studio but failed to password protect this device. You can bet it is now." 

Other stations that have been hit by a similar "FDT" hack include El Jefe 96.7 -- a Spanish station in Murfreesboro, TN, Mother of the Redeemer Radio 103.5 -- a Catholic station in Evansville, IN, and Sunday Morning Glory 100.5 -- a gospel station in San Angelo, TX. Those stations were all targeted on Jan. 20, the day of Trump's inauguration. 

A pirate radio station in Seattle was able to keep the song on loop for at least a week, Q13 Fox reported. It is unclear if the station was set up solely for that purpose. 

Stations across the country are permitted to play the radio version of "FDT," the hook of which only consists of the repetition of the president's name. 

Watch the (explicit) "FDT" music video below. 

[via BuzzFeed News]