We've already seen Madonna respond positively to Drake's use of her name on If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and now another celebrity who was name-dropped on the tape has piped up. Guy Fieri, who Drake calls a "magician" on "6 Man," caught up with First We Feast to share his thoughts on the name-drop.

“It was a total surprise," the chef said. “I’m still getting a big grin out of that one. Drake’s an awesome guy. I love his music and energy.” he went on to say:

“My nephew and son are down with contemporary culture, and one of them sent me a message that said, ‘Did you know about this?’ That was the morning it came out; and then Drake posted about it. It all got to me in a flurry. But how great? Because the guy has got skills in the kitchen, he really does. He has an appreciation for great food. It was quite a moment for me to get that name drop.”

First acting, then rapping... Perhaps the kitchen will be the site of Drake's next big career move?