Is there anyone who was for Kanye West's Donald Trump meeting yesterday? Ever since Kanye rolled up the Oval Office to meet with the President, it seemed like most people have reacted in anger or showed more disappointment towards the "No Mistakes" rapper. Yesterday Diddy dubbed Kanye a non-Black Excellence contender and today a man of a different genre, Axl Rose, is on Diddy's side. 

The Guns N' Roses lead vocalist is known for his many tweets that comment on the numerous political happenings and after watching Kanye's White House rant that ended with him stating his "love" for Donald, Axl shared a few words on the matter. 

"What a joke. Not gonna solve anything in Chicago or anywhere else with any of that attention seeking nonsense," he wrote on Twitter. "Oh n’ don’t let any of this distract from the Khashoggi killing."

Jamal Khashoggi is a prominent Saudi journalist that disappeared and new reports via CNN say there is video evidence of his killing in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul just over a week ago.