Gunplayalready had given his account about the tussle between him and G-Unit over the weekend at the BET Awards.  Then G-Unit’s Mike Knox, gave his rendition of the altercation saying 50 Cent was never involved and that Gunplay instigated the fight.   Now Gunplay called into Hot 97 and says he was not under the influence during the brawl, that Ross just laughed about the fight, and that the Floridian rapper does not plan to squash the beef.

When Mike Knox called into Philly’s Hot 107.9 he accused Gunplay of being a “dope fiend” and said he was high during the fight.  Now the MMG rapper says besides a little weed in his system he was sober, “I was sober as a judge.  I’ve been sober as a judge the last couple weeks cause I got a case I’ve been going through with my lawyers.”

He was asked how the leader of MMG felt about Gunplay’s run-in with G-Unit affiliates, and Gunplay said Rick Ross just laughed it off, “He was laughing...he was just like ‘looking good out there lil’bro’.”

Looks like the beef between G-Unit and Gunplay is going to continue as Mike Knox was adamant that he would not squash beef with Gunplay, and looks like the Miami rapper has the same mind state and says he holds grudges and does not intend on ending this feud, “Nah nah, I don’t shake hands never, never...ever, ever, ever.”

[Update:  A new clearer video of the fight has surfaced]