Gunplay recently spoke to Vibe about his status within the MMG crew and initially linking up with Rick Ross. He also shed some light on his upcoming album, Bogota. He revealed that he's working with Pharrell on the LP.

Check out some of what he had to say below.

So your debut album is titled Bogotá, after the capital of Columbia… 
I caught a lot of slack for snorting that coke on video. They gave me a lot of slack so in turn I just want them to start feening for it, too. You know, go get that Bogota, man! The name Bogotá is a culture. I got a Bogotá bitch. Ride out Bogotá rims. I got Bogotá cocaine, you know? Bogota is a lifestyle.

Will the music be similarly addictive?
It’s gonna be energy and a lot of pain. I’m about to sit down with Pharrell and a couple of other producers from the South. That’s the main priority right now, just making sure I get some time to sit down with [Pharrell] and knock something out. I know we’ll come out with something epic.