Currently on house arrest, Gunplay has been living the laidback sober life and focusing on creating music with his upcoming Cops And Robbers mixtape.  Although he is confined to his home and not partaking in drugs and alcohol, the Floridian rapper is as uncensored as ever.  In a recent interview he talks about some music, such as his upcoming free project, working with A$AP Mob, and the possibility of dropping a dubstep record.  

On top of that he was his usual “candid” self and went off on various topics including losing his virginity, Santa Clause, and what is the next popular drug. 

Check out some excerpts from his interview with Pigeons and Planes below.

What can we expect from the Cops and Robbers mixtape?
It’s pretty much like a Gunplay compilation of most of the recent leaks and features that I had along with a few new freestyles and a few new original records that nobody heard. So it’s basically just a Gunplay compilation just to keep the people fed before I drop Bogota.

What was it like getting on the “Ghetto Symphony” record with A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg?
It was cool, man. They making a lot of noise out here. I fuck with A$AP. It was real easy to knock this one out. It came out pretty dope.

What’s one thing that annoys you about rap music today?
A lot of pussy ass niggas got power. It’s fucked up. Lot of pussy ass niggas, man. They got too much power.

Molly is the drug of choice in rap at the moment. What’s next? LSD, DMT, mushrooms?
I hope they bring crack back, shit. I don’t know, man. I want to try LSD. I be watching documentaries on the shit and, dawg, they be telling you some real deep shit about those LSD trips. They really go in. It’s like you’re entering your inner universe. It’s some wild shit I was watching it. It made sense. When motherfuckers realize what LSD is and why them hippies was wilding like that, you will understand.

Would you ever be open to making a dubstep song?
Most definitely, this is the entertainment business. I don’t like to be boxed in. I got to vibe with it though. I got to like it. I can’t just do it because it’s hot. I want the whole concept. It has to be set up for me already where they know I like it.

Can you tell us about the time you lost your virginity?
Tell you about the first time I had sex! Ah, man. I was twelve years old. It was this girl that I thought she was my girlfriend. I didn’t know she was everybody’s girlfriend. And I knocked it out, you know what I’m saying. I think around that time, I wasn’t busting nuts yet. But I was tapping her though. I was too young to bust a nut but I was tapping that though. All my homies was fucking that bitch.

At what age did you realize Santa doesn’t exist? How did it affect you?
I realized just early, man. I’m smart. I’ve always been a sharp motherfucker like, “I don’t believe you.” Ain’t no fat motherfucker riding around on no goddamn reindeer dropping in no chimney. But, I’m going to play along with it though. I still don’t understand the Jesus thing either. I’m still baffled. I just never understood it.

What’s your stance on UFOs?
Oh, man. Alright. Now, look. I’m just going to say this because I don’t really know what’s going on. I think UFOs are a government conspiracy. Sometimes, I do think there are some other things out there. But, the scales are tipping more towards a government conspiracy. This is what I believe. I think the whole alien shit is a hoax. When the New World Order comes into play, just like when Ronald Reagan said in his inaugural speech, when America and Russia was going through it in the Cold War back in the day, I’ll never forget it, the man said, “You know what will bring mankind together as one world order? If life from another planet was to invade the Earth and humanity as one had to stick together and be as one well then we will find peace amongst the world. If an alien invasion was to happen.” On everything that I love. Now, you’ve already set the tone. Now, recently, you have so much UFO activity, the shit is crazy. You have to ask yourself what the fuck is that shit they’re spraying in that sky every single fucking day everywhere across the world.