Gunplay has not let his house arrest slow down his musical output, and instead of bemoaning his fate, has embraced the time as an opportunity to gain some perspective and focus on his music.  Speaking via webchat the MMG rapper weighs in on the 50 Cent and French Montana beef, and also talks about the possibility of being allowed to travel abroad for a tour. 

His spat with 50 Cent and G-Unit was what got him in the headlines, and ultimately led to him turning himself over to authorities on an outstanding warrant.  The Miami rapper was asked for his thoughts on the 50 Cent and French Montana beef that has been going on with some heated Tweets and interviews, and although he has no love for Fif and supports French, he says he does not care about the feud. 

"Listen, I don't give a flying fuck about them niggas.  I don't care if they fight each other, I don't care. I don't even see 'em; they're nothing to me - nobody is really, I don't see nobody. I see right through all these cunts - there's nothing,” Gunplay adds, “I fucks with French, that's my homie, but where he eats, I don't shit."

After being charged with armed robbery, which was caught on video surveillance, the Florida native was released on $150k bail, and placed under house arrest.  The trial for the charges has been pushed back, and the rapper has requested permission to tour while awaiting the trial, and says there is a good chance it will be granted. 

"They pushed the trial back to…the middle of next year, so I'm gonna be still on house arrest for the meantime, but I'm gonna try and see if I can get some travel permission by this week, so I should be trying to hit that turf by next week still,” Gunplay puts his chances at, “it's like a 75% chance right now [that he joins the MMG tour]."

[Via HHDX]