Even through out his legal troubles, Gunplay has remained with a foot in the rap door, dropping mixtapes and singles leading up to his solo debut, Medellin. We haven't had many details on Medellin as of yet, although Gunplay does have plans to drop his Bogota mixtape prior to its release.

Gunplay previously said he doesn't want to over think Medellin or fill it with a bunch of features. That being said, in a new interview with HHDX, the rambunctious rapper spoke on what features you can expect on his MMG debut. 

Gunplay has enlisted a few big names to join himself, including Pharrell and Big Sean. "Expect Pharrell on there, I’ve been working with him recently," he said. "I got one with him called 'Steel Drums,' and I’m finna do another one featuring Big Sean. I’m just waiting for the vocals back and stuff. It’s going to be huge."

Gunplay also spoke on his own upcoming features-- inlcuding one on Lil Wayne's upcoming LP I Am Not A Human Being II.

"I’ve been working with a few cats. I got one with Turk, a couple of fools, and I’m on Wayne’s new album coming out. I’m on that," he said. "There’s so much man, I don’t know where to start. Yo Gotti joints, you’ll hear me on a lot of stuff. Videos, too. Once I get off the bracelet, I’ll get back to videos and shit like that."