Rappers facing a case is nothing new in the game, but MMG’s Gunplay seems to always be wrapped up in some kind of trouble.  Recently he was released from house arrest, as he awaits trial for armed robbery, which could see him face life in prison if convicted.  Staying busy, sober, and positive since being on house arrest, the Florida native talked to Rolling Stone about being confident he will win his trial, and how he has managed to stay sober these past few months.  He also talks about his upcoming album and says there will not be many features.

There is video of the Cops N Robbers rapper, which seems to show him robbing his one time accountant of his gold chain and cell phone while brandishing a gun.  Gunplay maintains that he was not attacking the man to rob him, but it was just a dispute they were having saying, "Not guilty...The problem that we had was between me and him but that's what happens sometimes. We're just waiting for the last trial date so we can get [the case] kicked out."

The MMG rapper’s use of drugs has been a mainstay of his image, but now that he is being tested for drug use while out on bail, he says that it’s no problem staying sober when the alternative is jail time, "It's either that or your freedom...You put that into perspective and weed ain't that serious. A molly ain't that serious. If they catch it in your system and you go back to jail, you're looking crazy."

After dropping his latest mixtape Friday, Gunplay is setting his sights on completing his studio project Medellin, which he wants to keep light on the features, "I don't want too many features on my album.  I want them to feel me, not me and 80 other rappers that you hear every day on the radio."

Gunplay will face trial on February 25th for armed robbery, and as mentioned, could face life in prison if convicted.