Gunplay announced that he will be dropping his solo full-length in the spring of 2013. The Texas rapper, who is under house arrest for armed robbery, said the Def Jam debut hasn't spawned a title or lead single yet, but that "I know it's going to be spring, (of) next year."

He took the opportunity to talk a bit more about his current sentence. House arrest has allowed him to be productive and gets his creative juices flowing it seems. it doesn't affect me because I'm still working and still recording and as long as I'm doing that, I'll be alright. As long as I keep working." He added that he doesn't take his luck for granted now that he's learned from the experience. "Hindsight is always 20/20. I definitely realized my mistakes and I'm definitely going to learn from them, and learn the values from the little things in life because they can definitely be taken away from you quick. It's definitely been an unfortunate event, but a positive outcome."

When asked about the success of his Maybach Music Group counterparts, Gunplay said he isn't intimidated, saying "there's no pressure for me. I'm going to do what I'm gon' do." Any upcoming projects is up to "whatever the boss wants to do."

Gunplay will find out about the future of his house arrest sentence in early December.