The self described "perfect hacker," a Twitter user using the burner alias @masonfuc7, has broken into Gunna's account. The hacker's first order of business was to emasculate Gunna by getting into character pose and saying he was quote-unquote "Thugger's bitch." The hacker used expletives to describe Gunna performing sexual acts on fellow rapper Lil Baby. Still under the guise of Gunna, he then attacked Tekashi 6ix9ine, urging the NY rapper to drop his location so they could throw down, very much out of character for the ATL rapper.

In a surprising twist, albeit on a burner account, the hacker broke out of character, urging Gunna's followers to follow suit @masonfuc7, a page slowly picking up in traffic. Screen caps for 2 DMs addressed to women who shall remain anonymous for the sake of their privacy, were exposed shortly after the unmasking of "mason."

The text exchanges although brief and unmemorable can be viewed at your own discretion. Gunna's Twitter account hasn't been clean up in the hour since this debacle first took place. As of two minutes ago, the hacker is continuing his childish tirade. There's no reason to believe this hack job is in any way linked to a revenge scheme. Gunna's presumption of innocence remains a good position to start any investigation into the matter.