Gunna Says His Brother Ratted On Him The First Time He Got High On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
February 02, 2018 13:16

Gunna breaks down getting caught the first time he got high.

Gunna has a massive year ahead of him right now. He dropped several projects in 2017 including Drip Or Drown with producer Wheezy at the tail end of November and earlier today, he released his highly anticipated third installment to his Drip Season series. The rapper recently swung by our office to teach us how to properly twist a Backwood and share some of his most notable high anecdotes including the first time he ever smoked weed.

While breaking down some Cookie and a Backwood, Gunna explained to us the first time he ever smoked weed and how his mother ended up catching him. He explained how he was 12 at the time but hung out with some older guys from down the street who smoked. After having a severe case of the munchies and smelling like weed, his brother grew suspicious.

"I'm eating some steak, I'm hungrier than a mothafucka. Eatin'. My brother comes in the kitchen, he's like 'Man, you smell like weed,'" he explained, "That n*gga said, 'Let me smell your fingers.' That mothafucka came and smelt my fingers. Smelt just like weed. He said 'I finna tell momma.' That lame ass n*gga told."

Throughout the episode, Gunna tells us the most he's ever smoked, why he doesn't really mess with dabs and much more.

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