Working hand in hand with Lil Baby much of the time, Gunna has been utilizing Young Thug's mentorship to his advantage, becoming one of the most intriguing young rappers to have come up in the last few years. Earlier this year, Thugger and Gucci Mane were actually fighting over who would sign him to their label and, while he ultimately chose to stick with Thug and YSL, Gucci's interest helped to establish Gunna's bright future in the game. As he continues to tour the country and prove to his fans that he's the real deal, he reportedly found his way into some trouble yesterday, getting arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

According to Toronto-based media outlet Hot Freestyle, Gunna did not show up to his scheduled Arkansas performance and, though fans were surely upset, the reasons behind his no-show are understandable. Obtaining his police record, the website writes that Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. From the looks of it, the arrest took place early Sunday morning, causing the up-and-comer to miss his appearance in Arkansas. This appears to be a minor offense as it is stated that he was caught with 2 grams of whatever substance he was carrying.

While details are still being considered and are sparse, we will keep you posted on any potential updates.