Insofar as breakout artists are concerned, 2018 brought upon the rise of YSL's Gunna. With Slime Season 3 and the Lil Baby collaboration Drip Harder, Gunna's output marked him as one to watch in the days to come. Now, it would appear that his true test is upon him; can he continue to thrive amidst an increasingly impatient marketplace, who may or may not be growing fatigued with the "drip" movement? It would appear that the upcoming Drip Or Drown 2 shall mark a litmus test of sorts, and hopefully, the talented Gunna is up for the task. 

On that note, the Atlanta rapper took to Instagram to offer a preview of things to come. The song itself seems cut from the same cloth as previous drops, finding the rapper crooning over trap production during a section that may or may not be a chorus. It's difficult to say whether this song is meant to serve as an upcoming single or merely a deep cut, though one has to wonder if this is the best Gunna has yet to offer. You be the judge.