Last year, Gunna made the transition from buzzing Atlanta voice to full-fledged star, thanks to the stellar tandem of Drip Season 3 and the Lil Baby-assisted Drip Harder. Now, the Slime disciple has been biding his time crafting his follow-up effort Drip Or Drown 2, which has already been delayed a few times across 2018. However, it would appear that the ball has begun rolling, with Gunna's marketing campaign set to kick off in the coming weeks. 

The rapper took to Instagram to announce his new single "One Call," complete with minimalist, yet low-key lavish cover artwork. Of course, given the nature of phone-induced interconnectivity, it wouldn't be surprising to see Gunna cover themes of relationships, intimacy (or lackthereof) and of course, ostentatious spending. Gunna has yet to delivered a snippet, though we won't have to wait much longer to catch the vibe. The track drops this Friday, February 1st, and should mark the onset of Drip Or Drown 2's imminent arrival.

Check out the cover art below, and sound off. Are you ready for some new Gunna?