We all remember the "unsettling epiphany" Keanu Reeves meme, which has secured a well-earned spot in the hall of fame. Not only that, but "Sad Keanu" enjoyed a spirited run at the onset of the 2010s. There's simply something magnetic about the actor, who won hearts through a deadpan delivery and extremely badass adherence to performing his own stunts. Of course, the John Wick franchise is regarded among Keanu fans as a modern action classic, in which Reeves can unleash his inner beast with his best work since The Matrix. We've already seen him kill a man with a pencil. Now, he's got a horse.

Footage of John Wick on horseback was recently captured, while the third chapter of the franchise undergoes development. Naturally, it didn't take longs for the memes to flood in, as Keanu was captured in his most menacing form. A man with a gun is one thing. A man with a gun on a horse is a different thing altogether.